Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) industry professionals are essential participants in moving the industry forward and bolstering patient safety and positive outcomes. Through research, innovation, and experience, REMS professionals contribute to advancing best practices in the development and regulation of new drugs and biologics. The REMS Industry Consortium (RIC) has dedicated this portion of the site to resources specifically tailored to REMS industry professionals. 

Return to this space for updated information as resources are developed for the exclusive use of RIC members.

RIC 'Make Your Case' Presentation 

See the RIC’s 'Make Your Case' presentation here. This information can be used as a conversation starter, an informative leave behind, or added to presentations you may be giving in the future and want to take the opportunity to incorporate the RIC.

REMS 101 Course

We are excited to announce the launch of the RIC’s REMS 101 course. The REMS 101 course was developed by REMS Industry Professionals on the RIC as a tool to be used by professionals to learn about REMS. Click here to download.

FDA 7th Annual Drug Safety Priorities Report

The FDA recently published its 7th Annual Drug Safety Priorities Report with multiple references to REMS improvements and resources. 

RIC Introduction Letter

See the RIC’s letter of introduction to the FDA here. Share this update with contacts in your network to introduce RIC to your peers!